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New Zodiac Sign Calculator

What is your New Zodiac Sign?
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What is the New Zodiac Astrology Chart?

There is an increasing awareness of the sidereal zodiac (used in Vedic astrology), which is said to be more accurate than Tropical astrology.

Tropical and sidereal astrology represent two distinct approaches to delineating astrological signs, each grounded in its own zodiac system. Let's explore the fundamental differences between them:

Tropical Astrology:
Tropical astrology aligns itself with the Earth's seasons, utilizing them as the basis for its zodiac system. The zodiac wheel in Tropical astrology starts at the vernal point, corresponding to the Sun's position during the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. As planets traverse the vernal point, they initiate the zodiac cycle, with Aries claiming the position as the first sign.

Sidereal Astrology:
In contrast, Sidereal astrology derives its zodiac system from the visible sky. Aries, in Sidereal astrology, starts precisely where it becomes observable. Given the subjective nature of visibility, there exist various forms of sidereal astrology. However, irrespective of the specific form, all branches of sidereal astrology maintain a common reference to the celestial sphere.

Which Astrology System Holds Greater Accuracy?

Our recommendation leans towards true sidereal astrology, although it's worth noting that both tropical and sidereal astrology have their own validity.

Tropical astrology, with a history spanning approximately two millennia, has garnered widespread usage and validation in the Western world. This system, rooted in the Earth's seasonal cycle, particularly excels in providing accurate insights into tropical sun signs. Its reliance on a fixed seasonal pattern is believed to unveil the physical and three-dimensional facets of one's personality.

On the other hand, Sidereal astrology traces its roots back at least ten thousand years to pre-Babylonian societies and ancient India. Given its utilization of the visible sky, it likely predates its documented history. The undeniable accuracy of interpreting the celestial language is attributed to sidereal astrology, which is renowned for describing the "essence" of personality and the soul.

"Millionaires don't use Astrology. Billionaires do."
- J.P. Morgan