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The Fuel for Spiritual Experience - Lecture from Glorian

October 20, 2021

In the Gnostic tradition we are interested in understanding something more profound about life, not just going along with the flow of everyday existence, but to penetrate the veil and see something fundamental and true. In other words, the Gnostic student does not rely on mere belief, but instead wants to see and experience the truth, to know the truth, to feel it, to taste it, to touch it, to live it.

In order for us to comprehend what Gnosis means, what it is—as opposed to just a theory, an idea, or a word that we talk about—we have to utilize a very special form of energy, a form of energy that all of us have, but that unfortunately we have never learned how to use, and so it goes ignored, wasted, and in worst cases, misused. That energy is the same energy that causes everything to exist; it is the very force, the very fountain from which all life is nourished. That energy is in us in every level of what we are as a human being. The Gnostic student is seeking how:

  • first, recognize that energy; to know what that energy is
  • second, harness it; to learn how to use it
  • third, direct it by will; to use it for the benefit of everyone

These are three essential phases through which every spiritual aspirant of any tradition has to accomplish.

The first step is to know what that energy is, to recognize it, see it, experience it, taste it, touch it use it. That energy is the very fuel of spiritual experience.

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