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Remembering Past Lives with Adam Apollo

March 18, 2023

We've had the privilege to chat with Adam Apollo where he explains his techniques on how to remember past lives:

It started a bit spontaneously, when I had simultaneous recall experiences with others on a few occasions (we both remembered an experience together at the same time). It got stronger when someone else had a spontaneous recall of me, which then triggered my own very visceral memories (we killed each other in battle), and also more memories in those around us. This was when I was in college, 20 years ago.

Then I started actively exploring my memories, and began having dreams and stronger memories of different times, particularly when I used tools linked through a series of lifetimes (swords are a major kinesthetic memory link for me). I’ve found that other practices like calligraphy, martial arts, weapon forms, and healing arts are all potent in recovering full memories from other times through the intrinsic muscular patterning, and as I’ve come to theorize, genetic encoding that travels with us across lifetimes and is not ancestral.

Yet what has helped me remember my lifetimes most commonly over the years (by far) has been encountering people who I had deep relationships with in the past. I spent much of my 20’s traveling around the world and seeking my Soul Family, and this intentional directive led me to so many synchronicities and powerful experiences they are too vast to recount.

I am immensely great:full for the gift of having so many loved ones here with me in this time, bringing back the old ways, awakening the lands and each other, and dedicated to planetary regeneration and a thriving future for all life on Earth.

I have developed methods for practical past-life recall that can be taken on independently as well.

These generally involve entering a deep meditative state, then recalling a few experiences in this lifetime in as much detail as possible back to your earliest childhood memories. Then you go further, seeing if you can feel what it felt like to be in the womb, then let yourself melt into warm light.

Feel yourself and visualize coming out of that field of light into a vast void space. The immense light in front of you is this life… Turn your consciousness around, and see the constellations of light points going into the distance behind you, connected to you by a thread of light. Choose one that feels like it is brighter, or calling you, and move your consciousness to that star-like ball of light. Slowly enter the light-field and allow yourself to come down through colored light frequencies and into the space of a memory. Since you are “Astrally” visiting this life consciously, you can essentially look at your body, your environment, and study the moment you are arriving within. This can tell you a great deal, but then asking yourself “what happened before this moment” and “what happened afterwards,” as well as other questions like “what do I call this place” and “who was here with me” are also useful inquiries that can open up short streams of memory from that time.

As you gather streams and contemplate on their connections, as well as seek out or connect with people from those times, the memory fragments begin to come together and a more comprehensive view of a lifetime begins to take shape. However, it took me many years to access certain parts of some lifetimes due to traumatic experiences I had consciously blocked. Our work is actually to accept ourselves, love, and heal those blocks to release “dams” of energy in our field, and restore greater current to the present moment.

When you are ready to come back, I think it’s useful to stay connected to the feeling of some tool, sacred object, symbol, or other item from that lifetime, and bring it with you. Visualize exiting the field of light of that life, zipping back to your current massively bright lifetime, and very intentionally re-enter your body and return to your current energy field with the new information.

-Adam Apollo

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