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Cymatics - Sound Frequencies from Sound of Stars

January 30, 2023

"The Sound of Stars" is a unique initiative in "Holistic Human Science" that has been researched and developed by scientific researcher Donald Adams over the last 8 years. Adams has made major breakthroughs in understanding the various internal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states that people experience throughout their lives.

He has been able to determine the "internal rhythmic tempo" that corresponds to different human states, also known as "psycho-somatic patterns." Remarkably, he has discovered a way to capture these patterns in physical geometric form. In other words, he has identified the geometric shapes that represent various healthy states of the body, mind, and spirit.

These internal states of humans can be scientifically represented as complex numerical sequences that form hyper-dimensional geometries. These numerical sequences can then be transformed into associative acoustic frequencies. In summary, our internal states or psycho-somatic patterns can be captured as hyper-dimensional numeric geometries and converted into Sound or Acoustic Frequency.

The Sound of Stars Co. has made the science of Acoustic Frequency accessible and practical for human growth and development, and even ascension. The website presents these breakthrough discoveries in the form of Sound or Acoustic Frequency that correspond to desired internal states. By listening to these acoustic maps over time, it can help bring the listener back to a healthy, vibrant and happy state, as nature intended. Welcome to the work of The Sound of Stars.

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